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The Principle Model

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"What Change are You Seeking?"


The Life "Gap" Experience

Did you know that where you are right now and what you want has been a universal theme in your life.  We call this the "Life Gap" and you've come to this place to solve it once and for all.  If you've been struggling, if you're  frustrated and,overwhelmed in your experience the time is right to attend one of our workshops.  


Archetypes of Change

Learn the energies that represent the challenges and solutions of your life.  What are the actions that can create movement for you? Most are attempting to apply an external solution to an outer problem.  This is why paying hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars for programs hasn't worked. 


The Accountable Existance

There's this simple dynamic regarding real change.  In the past you may have made some commitment to have "this or that" but it hasn't stuck. Unaware of energies (which are also archetypal) is the crux  of the matter. Where are you settling?  It a story that of the subconscious but it must be revealed first in order to shift.

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